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2700 Huge Lightroom Presets pack + Photoshop Actions contains 2700 Pro Lightroom Presets, high-quality effects which help your images look better and more professional. This multipurpose pack is meant for photographers who shoot in different areas. Below, a detailed description of what you will find inside!

There are some examples where presets are applied!


– Smart adjustments and professional results

– Includes simple help file, with a few tips.

– Enhance your images with just one click!

– Instruction ( How to use Lightroom Presets ) Actions to create snow-white smile

Actions to create different style of skin retouching

Actions to emphasize LIPS, EYES, EYEBROWS

actions to create toning, matte effect, retro style, vintage style, fashion look and much more

Lightroom Presets ( photo filters ) for any portrait shooting!

Newborn Babies presets is really helpful pack which saves you loads of time when you have a million shots of little babies!

Film Look presets Do you love cinematic effect? Wanna transform your photo into a film? Here you go!

Lifestyle Are you lifestyler? Are you crazy about amazing places, delicious dishes, cars, friends, cool things? That’s the right thing for you! Do you work in a night club? I know how many shots you have after a long night! These presets will help you sleep more!

Portrait Styles One of my favorite pack, awesome tones to create a beautiful human skin, and a bewitching atmosphere around!

Effects for All Seasons Emphasize the beauty of mother nature is that pack all about!

Weddings & Lovestories I will not go into details, we all know how difficult it is to shoot weddings and lovestories. And what hemorrhoids then edit all these photos! This pack is a remedy for hemorrhoids!

Fashion Styles A fashion shooting or you need just to make your photos look good for your design project, there is a good news – the problem is solved in one click.

Instagram Warm Palette presets are meant to create an own gentle color theme for Instagram!

Instagram Cool Tones vol.1 presets everyday Instagram color palette!

Instagram Cool Tones vol.2 presets Do not sleep at night? Is your passion shoot a night city and share with an audience on Instagram? That pack is for you!

Cold Palette presets help you create a cold theme, make your photos look enigmatically!

Pop Colors presets provide all tones to create a bright and pop look! Turn your photos into a picture!



– +250 CityScape & Urban Filters+Bonus 1956912-250-CityScape-Urban-FiltersBonus

– Cool Cinematic Lightroom Presets – 2025064-Cinematic-Effect-Lightroom-Presets

– Dope Landscape – 2021850-Pro-Lightroom-Presets

– Urban Portrait – 2020958-Urban-Portrait-Lightroom-Presets

– 100 Pop Colors – 1958410-100-Pop-Colors-Lightroom-Presets

– 100 Pro Landscape Filters – 1953354-100-Pro-Landscape-Filters

– Conceptual Portrait – Big Bundel – 1949366-Conceptual-Portrait-Big-Bundel

– Neon Portrait – Big Bundle – 1949359-150-Neon-Portrait-Big-Bundle

– Brilliant tones for Photoshop – Actions – 1923407-20-Photoshop-Actions

– Blogger Lightroom Presets – 1905201-Blogger-Lightroom-Presets

– Travel Lightroom Presets – 1905194-Travel-Lightroom-Presets


– Super Bundle – Nude & Summer – 1774666-250-Super-Bundle-Nude-Summer

– 1500+ Multi Lightroom Presets Pack – 1768700-1500-Multi-Lightroom-Presets-Pack

– RETRO & VINTAGE – Lightroom Presets – 1767261-RETRO-VINTAGE-Lightroom-Presets

– Architecture Pro – Lightroom Presets – 1767013-Architecture-Pro-Lightroom-Presets

– HDR PRO – Lightroom Presets – 1766791-HDR-PRO-Lightroom-Presets

– FOOD PORN – Lightroom Presets – 1767153-FOOD-PORN-Lightroom-Presets Buy Now $65


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