38 Magnificent Lightroom Presets

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38 Magnificent Lightroom Presets

Since Lightroom gained popularity, lots of people started using it in favor of Photoshop to modify their photos. Since it’s a non-destructive image editor, lots of people started experimenting with it and creating different presets.

Because presets have one big advantage: you don’t waste time applying different effects until you get that awesome look you’re searching for; it’s all automated. And if you’re a beginner this means you get better results in less time.

We always try to get the best resources for you, and that’s why we’ve teamed up with the guys from PhotographyPla.net in order to give you this set of top-of-the line lightroom presets.

With this deal you get a total of 38 different presets with which you can customize every detail so that you come out with the best results possible! Among these actions you will find HDR actions, presets that will give your photos a vintage look and even different faded effects. You will also get a very detailed documentation on how to install and use them, as well as a PDF explaining the entire process of customizing and saving a preset.

Usually these presets would cost you $71, but only for a limited amount of time you can get them for just $15. That’s an incredible price for such high-quality actions!

Take a look at what you get:

Faux HDR Lightroom Presets

With this set of Lightroom presets you can get HDR-like effects with a single image. There may be times when you would like to achieve an HDR look, but you might not have multiple exposures of the photo for creating a true HDR image. This set includes 14 different presets for achieving this type of look.

Cross Processing Lightroom Presets

This set includes 8 Lightroom presets that will give your photos a cross processed look with just a click.

Fabulous Fades Lightroom Presets

This set includes 16 Lightroom presets for creating beautiful and stylish faded effects for your photos. You can get an elegant look with just a click using these presets.


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