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Aerial Photography Lightroom Presets

This collection of Lightroom presets is specially developed for aerial photography with drones like the DJI Mavic Pro/Air, DJI Spark or the popular DJI Phantom. The presets can be used for a wide variety of landscape types and are suitable for all seasons of the year. Special attention was paid to the blue tones of lakes, rivers and the sea, as well as to the rich and diverse greens of forests, fields and meadows.

The presets are not a loose collection of different looks, but follow a logical order. The total of 45 Lightroom presets are grouped into 6 modules:

  • 10 main presets for the general look and color grading
  • 11 exposure adjustment presets
  • 5 vignetting presets
  • 11 split toning presets for subtle coloring effects
  • 4 noise reduction presets
  • 4 sharpening presets

➽ Take a look at the before and after samples to get an idea of the versatility of this product. Each preset is designed for a different landscape type – to find the most suitable one for your photo, simply hover over the preset titles (2.01 – 2.10) and take a look at the preview in the navigator. All presets have been extensively tested to work with a wide variety of image types and both RAW and JPEG.


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