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Keep it simple with the AFFOB BW01 and C01 presets for Adobe LR only.

Included is our BW01 and C01 with variant presets for contrast and fade. A PDF install guide is included.
It was January or February of 2012 when I was disembarking my flight from Seattle into Madrid. I didn’t know it then but that trip was about to change my professional career forever. Spain captivated me —the people, the food, and the culture. It all felt so right. I felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be in that moment. I was there to speak at Bodaf, a large European wedding photography conference. I met people at this event that are still some of my best friends today, and I was introduced to more photographers that have helped guide me and my career. The experience was truly invaluable to me.

HA_AFFOB (1248 of 598).JPG

HA_AFFOB (1531 of 598).JPG

HA_AFFOB (1498 of 598).JPG


But there is another reason why Spain feels so special to Melanie and I. We had just begun our relationship when I was about to take that trip in 2012 – It was still very new and we were just getting to know one another. We spent that week I was away on FaceTime and it was during this time that our relationship grew into something more serious. So-much-so that Spain felt like the place we needed to marry. We returned to Madrid a year later to elope on a rooftop with our incredible friends we had met though Bodaf. We have since made many trips back to Spain to connect with those friends we made back in 2012; those friends who we now call family.

We are so excited to be returning to speak at this conference that is so special to us. Join us in Barcelona? We can’t wait to meet you.



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