Annie Ruby Lightroom Presets

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Annie Ruby Lightroom Presets

Heyo! I’m so excited to be releasing my very first preset package with you all! These are my three favorite presets that I use for EVERYTHING! I worked so hard to create the perfect combination of Earthy, Creamy, and Warm tones to help your photos pop with rich, yummy colors. These presets aren’t going to lay perfectly on every single photo, but are easy to tweak and easy to adjust any coloring to help create that moody, golden, or even-toned look you’re going for.

In my Editing Workshop video, I will be showing you how I edit from start to finish with each of these presets. I’ll be taking the images through Lightroom AND Photoshop, and will be teaching you how I not only correct the colors, but really bring the colors to life. You will learn my favorite tools in Photoshop, and I’ll be sharing tips and tricks throughout the video as well.

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