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In this collection I have included my favorite 10 presets that I used to edit all of Caro_e_ photos during her visit to The Bahamas. These presets give a very warm and fresh feel. They work well with orange and blue tones, beach & city scenarios . The presets were designed for the Bahamas but are also the same presets I have used in some of my other photos. They can be applied to any photo to give a warm beachy look.


10 presets included: Iguanas, Little Mermaid, Nurse Sharks, Pigglet, Private Island, SandBar, Snorkeling, Sunrise, Sunset Time & Swimming Pigs.

**All sales are final. Available for Lightroo Mobile App and Lightroom  for Desktop computers. Visit the FAQs for more information.

Disclaimer. Just because you use these presets does not mean your pictures will look exactly like mine. I take several steps in editing my photos. All lighting situations are different so feel free to adjust parameters on the preset to get the look and feel you are going for



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