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CHROME 1998892

A unique premium preset for photographers.

Designed specifically for giving photos maximum naturalness and purity of color with the effect of chromium (matal).

The strongest influence of the preset was made on the correction of blue and blue shades of color. Since it is they in the bulk that create pollution in the flowers. You can see this in glass reflections and the reflexes of the sky, as well as in deep shadows. Also, all colors by saturation were muted and reduced to a narrower value. In the examples you can see the effect on the base colors, such as Blue, Yellow, Green, Red.

In this preset you will not find any additional toning. This preset is for those who love Maximal pure and natural Color. Best for Street photography, food photography and portrait photography.

Important Before using, make sure to correctly display white balance. After applying the preset, adjust to your taste the contrast and exposure of the picture. In some cases, you may need a small adjustment of the white balance, as well as adjustment of saturation.

Tip : Adjusting the saturation strongly affects warm colors (red, yellow) and less on cold (blue, green). In case of using the adjustment, Vibrance is exactly on the contrary, a strong influence on cold colors (blue, green) and less on warm colors (red, yellow).

To apply a preset, double-click it, and the default Lightroom install it in the user\’s library. The filter works well for raw photos, but just as well and in JPG format


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