Chuck Lang Legacy Lightroom Preset Pack

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Inspired by natural beauty and light from the sun, these presets are meant to highlight organic moments. The legacy presets have a raw feel, much like film. 15 of my favorites curated over the last five years.






With subtle fade and grain, they have soft muted skin tones. Especially great for moody portraits. Many of them are more monotone, bringing out a dynamic range in specific colors. These presets will be a strong base for any creative style. Color and black and white are both included.

BONUS the next 100 packs have an extra 5 limited presets. This means you get a total of 20 custom curated presets (sold out)

Compatible with all versions of Lightroom

These presets work best with RAW photos. Temperature and tint may vary.

EXTRA BONUS post a photo edited with one of my presets, and mention @chuck in the caption for a chance to be featured on my instagram.



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