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Cinematic Effects Lightroom Presets 2477949

This Lightroom Presets is another extreme effect, with VERY faded shadows and highlights. It essentially squishes the image into the center of the histogram. It also has very muted colors, especially in the reds & Greens. Desaturated Cinematic Looks, HDR & Matte effect, also known as high dynamic range images.

How To Use? Follow Instruction Bellow:

  1. Unzip the downloaded file in any desired folder.
  2. Launch your Lightroom cc 2015 or later on your computer
  3. Switch to Develop Module and navigate to the PresetUser Presets in the left panel
  4. Right Click on “User Presets” folder and select Import
  5. Locate the folder where you unzipped the downloaded file
  6. Select the Preset and click Import
  7. And your Preset is installed

100% customizable.

No skill required. Just ONE click away.

We are determined to give you nothing but the best! Go for the best!


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