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Clean & Moody Film Lightroom Presets 3890128

Moody Film || Premium Lightroom Presets Pack by CT

Desktop Mobile Bundle

A clean, versatile preset collection inspired by a recent photoshoot in Coney Island, New York. This pack is also great for couples, weddings, and portraits. Features creamy moody tones and vibrant film fades.

This preset pack includes:

FILM 01 – Signature film preset with neutral tones and calm ocean colors

FILM 02 – Golden warm film preset with vibrant aqua blues

FILM 03 – Film preset with deeper blues and cool undertones

FILM 04 – Coastal film preset with warm sunny shadows

FILM 05 – Vibrant film preset with silver blues and aqua highlights

MOODY 01 – Signature moody preset with creamy whites and clean tones

MOODY 02 – Moody preset with cooler highlights and higher contrast

MOODY 03 – Moody preset with darker highlights and deeper blues

MOODY 04 – Warm moody preset with amber golden hour tones

MOODY 05 – Natural preset with earthy green undertones and warm highlights


• 10 Presets (5 film & 5 moody) FOR LR DESKTOP

• 10 Presets (5 film & 5 moody) FOR LR MOBILE APP

• 45 Adjustment Presets Tool Kit (includes 20 exposure values, 5 sharpening presets, 4 grain presets, 4 vibrance adjustments, 3 saturation adjustments, 3 custom white balance presets, 2 vignetting presets, 2 noise reduction presets, 1 reset grain preset and 1 reset all preset)

• 6 Page PDF Install Guide

• Instant Download



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