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What Others Are Saying About Our Presets

“Cole\’s Preset collections has been a huge time saver and I\’ve been very happy with the polish my photos get with the click of a button. If you are on the fence, just buy it, you won\’t be disappointed! ”
– Colleen McHale-Harvey
“These presets help give my photos that certain edge. Even if photograph straight outta the camera almost perfect, the presets make them even more awesome! ”
– Traci Lasquete
“Before learning of Cole\’s Classroom I never used presets and my photos were boring. After learning of Cole\’s Classroom my photos all have the little something they needed and are no longer boring! Thank you Cole!! ”
– Nicole Richard


Here\’s All 26 Presets That You Will Get!

Unlike any other preset collection we offer, each preset contains both “clean” and “haze” versions so you can find the perfect look you want in less time than ever before while honing in on your true unique “style” & vision.

  • Color Presets
  • A-Line Clean
  • A-Line Haze
  • Bridal & Bright Clean
  • Bridal & Bright Haze
  • Buttercream Clean
  • Buttercream Haze
  • Costa Clean
  • Costa Haze
  • Debossed Clean
  • Debossed Haze
  • Rosay Clean
  • Rosay Haze
  • Sweet & Sass Clean
  • Sweet & Sass Haze
  • B&W Presets
  • Angelic Clean
  • Angelic Haze
  • Angelic Haze
  • Black Cherry Clean
  • Black Cherry Haze
  • Black Cherry Haze
  • Classy Clean
  • Classy Haze
  • Classy Haze
  • Marryme Clean
  • Marryme Haze
  • Marryme Haze



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