Complete Artist Series for Lightroom 2021627

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Complete Artist Series for Lightroom 2021627

This unique collection includes every single product from the best-selling Artist Series with a total of 105 Lightroom presets from 9 products. ➽ And that\’s not all: You also get every future product of the Artist Series at no extra cost!

The Artist Series takes a slightly different approach than the other Lightroom preset packs by Presetbase – the focus is always on a specific look or mood, and each product typically consists of base presets in different variations and some adjustment tools. You will be able to achieve unique results with only a few clicks, and produce something quite different from what you see every day on social media.

→ These products are included in the bundle:

  • Matte & Gloomy – Lightroom Presets  cmmatte
  • Magic Forest – Lightroom Presets  cmforest
  • Faded Earth Tones – Lightroom Presets  cmearth
  • Faded Orange & Teal – Lightroom Presets  cmoteal
  • Dark & Monochrome – Lightroom Presets  cmdarkmono
  • Matte Black & White – Lightroom Presets  cmmatteb
  • Soft Light & Dark Shadows – Lightroom Presets  cmsoands
  • Warm & Golden – Lightroom Presets  cmwago
  • Winter Blues – Lightroom Presets  cmwinterb
  • … every single future product of the Artist Series!

All presets have been extensively tested to work with a wide variety of images. To find the most suitable one for your image, simply hover over the preset titles in Lightroom and take a look at the preview in the navigator. The presets from this bundle will work best on landscape, nature, lifestyle and travel photography.


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