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The classic look of film paired with desaturated tones, boosted contrasts, & darkened exposures to create an organic or moody feel. This collection comes with 33 earthy & organic presets, along with the Brixton tool & brush collection, which includes 8 layer presets, 62 tool presets, & 33 local adjustment brushes.

33 Presets

  • Afternoon Sun –Earthy tones, dark greens, desaturated reds, boosted contrast, slightly lifted shadows
  • Aged Grit –Rich contrasts, deepened blacks, desaturated colors, slight purple overlay
  • Avant-Garde –Contrast boost & muted colors, slightly boosted clarity, sharpening
  • Blast –Slight noise, clipping of shadows & highlights, brightened mid-tones & highlights, deep shadows, slight vignette
  • Calm Before the Storm –Soft & calming color enhancement & saturation, slight muddiness, medium grain
  • Cooling Notes – desaturated tones, blue shadows, soft highlights; matte
  • Deep Roots –Contrast & depth, bright, slightly warm, select color enhancement, slight grain
  • Dynamic Boost –Enhanced dynamic range, muted cool tones, slight pink highlights
  • Earth –Earthy green tones, deep shadows, desaturated reds, boosted oranges
  • Earth-Tones –Desaturated & silver-toned highlights, cool mids, deep shadows, added grain
  • Evening Light –Softened pink overcast with contrast, desaturation of select colors
  • Fall Forest –Light & soft, with warm green overtones, lifted shadows
  • Feathers –Light, bright, & airy; added contrast, slight fade, some grain
  • Fields of Wheat –Muted colors, filmy greens, slight aqua highlights, added grain
  • Glowing Pasadena –Neutral highlights & mid-tones, dark shadows, muted global tones, aqua/brown split-toning, & a wide range of color changes; soft, but edgy
  • Intensity Warm –High contrast, bright, deep shadows, saturated reds, medium grain
  • Lift Me Up –Lifted mids, cut highlights, deepened shadows, boosted oranges, desaturated greens & yellows
  • Lifted Purity –Clean with minimal color cast; slight pink/magenta overcast, blooming highlights, soft grain
  • Mad Med –Warmth overlaid on desaturated tones, medium grain
  • Minnetonka Pop –Punchy, with deep shadows, desaturated greens, slight grain; amplification of subject
  • Modern Analog –Boosted contrast with warm lifted mids, a hint of clarity & grain; clean
  • Muted Grains –Silver looking greens & blues, muting, high contrast, bright whites, medium grain
  • Pale Palette –Muted colors with slightly boosted contrast, medium grain
  • Peaches & Cream –Creamy highlights, light green mids, lifted shadows
  • Rich Film –Dark, desaturated, earth-toned
  • Sepia in Color –Desaturated with a warm overtone, deepened shadows, slight grain
  • Soft Forest –Muted tones with heavily desaturated greens, slightly lifted contrast, light grain
  • Soil & Moss –Muted, deep red shadows, slightly red mids; earthy
  • Stylized Film –Stylized & modern; strongly clipped highlights, enhanced but muted colors, brightened greens, darkened blues
  • Teakwood Soft –Warmth, brown hue enhancement, soft contrast
  • The Breakfast Club –Deep toning, soft shadows, desaturation, slightly boosted oranges; classic
  • Warm Days –Red toning with heavy contrast, desaturated greens/yellows, medium grain
  • Winter Mood –Punch & fade, w/ soft warmth in highlights, brightening of mid-tones

Plus, the Brixton Film Tool & Brush Kit:

8 Layer Presets  

  • Boost, Cool, Neutralize, Reset Layers, Sharp, Soft, Violet, Warm

62 Tool Presets

  • Clarity (7x), Contrast (7x), Curve Fade (2x), Curve Wash, Dyn. Range (2x), Exp.(7x), Grain (3x), Highlights (3x), Noise (3x), Sat. (7x), Shadows (3x), Sharp. (4x), Soften (2x), Soften Details, Split Tone (Blue-Green, Green-Green, Green Red, Yellow Blue, Reset), Tone (Warm, Cool), Vignette (3x)

33 Local Adjustment Brushes (LR only)

  • B&W, Blackout, Boost, Burn, (3x), Clarity +, Contrast (2x), Contrast & Saturate, Cool, Desaturate (3x), Details (2x), Dodge (2x), Eye Whitener, Highlights, Iris Enhancer, Lips Enhancer, Reduce Green Color Cast, Saturation (2x), Shadows +, Sharpen (2x), Soften Skin, Teeth Whitener, Warm, Wash, Whiteout

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