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Essentials Lightroom & ACR Presets 2403554

Presenting: The very basis of editing. The Lensgrade Essentials Lightroom Presets should be part of every photographers toolkit!

113 Lightroom presets for Lightroom & Photoshop ACR created to cover all areas of editing!

The Lensgrade Essentials Lightroom Presets:

  • 74 Lightroom & Photoshop Presets separated in:
    • 24 Colors & Warmth presets: Add warm and soft tones to your images.
    • 17 Sharp & Clear presets: Create a sharper and more defined look within 1 click
    • 18 Matte & Film presets: Matte and moody presets. Very common on Instagram!
    • 08 HDR presets: A well selected range of 8 High definition range presets
    • 07 Black & White presets: The Lensgrade B&W essential collection. Sorted from soft to strong .
  • 23 Tool presets:
    • Can be attached on top of the normal presets (layerable)
    • Add a variety of more options such as fades, sharpness, more colors or light effects!
    • For Photoshop ACR and Lightroom
  • 16 Overlay presets:
    • Useable only in Lightroom. These presets can be attached on the top of the final edits to bring the very fine extras onto your images.
    • Add filters for very special light overlays, more clarity, color or local adjustments.
  • 15 Lightroom Brushes (only useable in Lightroom) :
    • very well handpicked collection of the best and most used brushes for local adjustments.
    • Include effects like: Skin sharpening, add saturation, clarity definement, less depths, shadow lights, neutralize over-saturation…

In total: 113 handpicked presets 15 local adjustment brushes for Lightroom!


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