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This pack is the Beyond Ocean Pack!

20% of all our sales will be donated to help clean up and save our oceans. Donation is included!

These presets are for all you ocean lovers out there. If your constantly at the beach and in the water or even if your going on a holiday somewhere tropical these presets are for you!

Within this pack are 6 of our all time favourite underwater presets! Underwater photos can be super hard to edit but these presets after countless hours of adjusting make it easy.


How many presets will I get?

  • 30 Presets
  • 15 x Desktop Presets
  • 15 x Mobile presets for your free Lightroom CC app

What kind of presets?

  • 6x allrounder presets
  • 6xunderwater photos (gopro, phone, action cam)
  • 3xhalf under water, half above (dome go pro case)

 Why buy from us?

  • We have held off selling our presets publicly for a long time as we wanted to make sure we could offer a product that holds a lot of value and a product you guys would love.
  • We decided that we wanted to charge a fair price for our packs that everyone could afford. This way we could help people just starting out as well as more experienced photographers.
  • Anyone can use these presets, we designed them so that your photos would need as little adjusting as possible.
  • We are here to help you every step of the way

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