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Film Luxe Lightroom and ACR Preset 2022781

Film luxe is preset which combines a clean minimalist colour palette with a cinematic feel. It features cool tones, striking greens and reds, clean whites, and a slate blue tinge to the shadows. This preset is great for edgy portraits, fashion editorials, still life (think cool toned instagram feeds), blogging, and travel.

Film luxe is a complex, multifaceted preset- for high key images, it has a very clean \’Scandinavian\’ lifestyle type look, and for darker images it has a more filmic edgy feel. ___

In this pack there are 3 versions of the preset

Film Luxe 1  – cleanest version, with the least amount of highlight and shadow fading.

Film Luxe 2 – increased highlight fade, more desaturated, has a \’dreamy\’ quality and a more obvious slate blue tinge to the shadows.

Film Luxe 3 – increased highlight and shadow fade, more contrast and crushed blacks, and more saturated greens than the others. This has more of an edgier, slightly polaroid film type feel.


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