FittySense Urban 01 (Day & Night) Lightroom Preset

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FittySense Urban 01 (Day & Night) Lightroom Preset

2 x Adobe Lightroom Presets
(1 for Day & 1 for Night shots)

If you have always dreamt of achieving edits that look like it came straight out of HYPEBEAST, this is the preset for you. These presets were crafted specifically for the urban photographer who roams the streets day in and day out, looking for that sick shot. Apply these presets on your #teamcozy and #lookupseason shots and let them tones work for you, bruh.

We recommend you apply these presets on RAW files for maximum effect. Although, it still looks good on JPEG images.
Suitable for use on Adobe Lightroom CC, 6, 5 & 4.


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