Forrest Mankins – Forrest 01 Lightroom Preset Pack

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A download of 9 custom Lightroom presets that I’ve spent the last two years tweaking to cover all situations. After setting exposure and white balance editing can be done in a single click.

There are 9 custom presets included in this download:

Alaska and Alaska HC: Great for foggy/blue hour or cloudy landscapes, low light portraits, and mood.

August Blue Hour, Blue Hour Alt, and Blue Hour HC: What I use for 80% of my photos, each has a different curve, different color calibration, and look that covers almost everything for me.

Aurora: For northern lights, stars, and much more.

Bright: This is my go to for shooting on sunny days from mid morning until golden hour. A different curve and split toning help combat daytime light.

BW: A very moody, grainy, dark black and white preset that’s great for portraits and minimalistic images.

Minimal Snow: Great for snow landscapes or portraits, works well when bumping up exposure a tiny bit.



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