Garden Collection Presets for LIGHTROOM

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Uncommonly versatile presets for Adobe Lightroom.

Featuring 12 Color Presets and 11 Light Overlays, Click & Company\’s new Garden Collection is a luminous set of processing tools designed for the modern portrait, lifestyle & fine art photographer.

Our beautifully crafted Color Presets balance light and shadow, preserve skin tones, and honor beautiful color palettes – from airy pastels to deep jewel tones. Our Light Overlays are designed to be stacked as a complement to existing directional light, to subtly draw the eye towards the subject, or to naturally fill the shadows where light falls off.

PLEASE READ: Lightroom 6 or higher required for full product compatibility (Color Presets only require Lightroom 4 ). As these are presets (not actions), they are not compatible with Adobe Photoshop. Due to the nature of the product, we are unable to issue refunds on digital downloads. 

The Garden Collection includes:

Group One: Versatility
ASTER: sunny, polished & dimensional // IVY: elegant, contrasty & clean // LARKSPUR: stylish, balanced & refined

Group Two: Richness
ELDERBERRY: regal, vivid & deep // FOXGLOVE: warm, rich & coppery // SNAPDRAGON: fresh, vibrant & bold

Group Three: Brightness
BLUEBELL: cool, serene & luminous // DAISY: simple, sunny & understated // MORNING GLORY: radiant, cheerful & pretty

Group Four: Softness
BUTTERCUP: soft, buttery & modern // HONEYSUCKLE: light, summery & relaxed // PRIMROSE: soft, feminine & chic

OPEN SHADE (set of 3): natural vignette overlay
SUNBEAM (set of 4): directional sunlight overlay
SUNSHOWER (set of 4): diffused sunlight overlay

Product cover image by Danielle Hatcher.




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