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Built to consistently handle light and color as it changes throughout the day, GXR Presets are a light-based preset pack that features one main preset along with five additional variations of that preset, each adjusting to handle different lighting situations while remaining consistent with the pack\’s color, skin tones, and contrast tendencies. No more fiddling with sliders to accommodate for tricky lighting or color situations; GXR Presets has you covered.


6 color and 3 black & white presets
a Toolkit with 17 one-click color and crunch adjustments
an End Kit for overall grain, sharpening, and noise reduction adjustments
a Brush Kit including our favorite brushes
the GXR Finish Preset (for Alien Skin Exposure Software)*
a preset description manual including faqs and workflow tips

For Lightroom & Alien Skin Exposure Software*

*the GXR Finish Preset for Alien Skin Exposure is intended to complement images that were previously edited in Lightroom using GXR Presets. GXR Presets can be used on their own and still look great, however, all photos shown have the GXR Finish Preset for ASE applied (see end for samples).


GXR 01 // Main: This is the go-to base preset. We bulk apply GXR 01 at the beginning of the editing process because it handles most lighting situations really, really well. Most of the time, all you’ll need is this preset with some exposure and white balance adjustments.
GXR 02 // Variation Soft: This preset is a softer version of the main (GXR 01) preset. We tend to use it on images with a bit too much contrast. GXR 02 can also work as a base preset (as it’s similar to GXR 01, just less crunchy).
GXR 03 // Variation Harsh Light: This preset is useful in high contrast situations where shadows are too dark and highlights are too bright – especially when this light crosses over the subject. This preset crushes highlights, boosts shadows, all while maintaining contrast.
GXR 04 // Variation Direct Sunlight: This preset is useful in full sun situations where the subject/landscape are sun-facing (when you’re shooting with your back to the sun). It’s especially great for use on sun-drenched natural landscapes as it helps to retain midtones and highlights while muting down colors that become exaggerated by sunlight.
GXR 05 // Variation Blue Hour: For those post-sunset situations where cool blues dominate the frame, this preset tames the blues, increases warmth, and boosts shadows.
GXR 06 // Variation Underexposed: Useful on photos that are really dark or underexposed to begin with, this preset helps to pull the image up to a manageable exposure with fewer clicks in the exposure panel.
GXR Black & White Presets are crunch based presets, starting from least contrasty to most contrasty (3 total).
GXR Toolkit: The toolkit contains 17 quick fix tools that we couldn’t live without. These tools notably manage color and crunch, and can be applied to any GXR Preset. The toolkit includes subtle HSL adjustments for reducing harsh sun colors, reducing tungsten tones, boosting skin tones, and boosting colors, in addition to our most utilized tools, the crunch series, which easily combats flare.
GXR Finish Preset for Alien Skin Exposure (ASE): This one-click preset takes advantage of Exposure’s superior grain while overlaying an extra kick of goodness that can be applied over both color and black & white images. The GXR Finish Preset for ASE is intended to complement and complete images edited with GXR Presets. However, images can be finished in Lightroom (withoutASE) and still look great (sharpen and grain adjustments for Lightroom are included in the GXR Presets End Kit just in case).



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