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Hello, I\’m Adam, creator of Beyond The Preset. I am a photographer and Videographer from Vancouver Canada. I am inspired by everything around us, and love bringing a new perspective to our everyday living.

Lightroom Presets are easy to use, and save you time while making your photos stand out, giving them a professional look with just one click.

I believe in affordability and fair pricing, but don’t be fooled, these presets will leave you feeling satisfied and like you made the right choice.

You can use them in Adobe Lightroom 5 to Lightroom CC

I N C L U D E D – F I L E S

Christmas Collections comes complete with: 11 Lightroom Presets & Bonus Preset ¬ Dasher ¬ Dancer ¬ Prancer ¬ Vixen ¬ Comet ¬ Cupid ¬ Donner ¬ Blitzen ¬ Rudolph ¬ Santa Clause ¬ Mrs. Clause


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