Jake Guzman Lightroom Presets V.3

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Jake Guzman Lightroom Presets V.3 – Jake Guzman – Free download!!!

This preset pack contains 26 of my BEST new presets! These presets are up to date with my new/current edting style. These presets allow you to keep a consistent feed and edting style while giving a stepping stone to developing your own personal style.These presets make edting a very simple one-click process. These presets are great for any style of photography !

Preset pack includes:

PNW Vibe: works well with outdoor/portrait/lifestyle, gives your photo a dark moody look

Muted Green: works well with outdoor/lifestyle shots. adds greens and yellows into the shadows
Muted Blue: adds desaturated blues into the shadows
Green and Blue: works very well for waterfall shots ( can work with portraits)
Dark Blue: gives the photo a moody look with a cool-toned temperature
Soft Light: gives the photo a low contrast pastel look
Moody Blue Green: works with almost any photo. adds a moody look with green and blue as the primary colors
Lifestyle with Grain: works only with over exposed photos, adds tones and warm greens
Moody Greens: this works very well with almost any situation, the name says it all
Vibrant Blue: works well with blue hour photos. exaggerated blues with tones and slight green in shadows
Vibrant Blue-Green: works only with underexposed photos (portraits/ lifestyle). very warm temperature with exaggerated yellows
Vibrant Green: works only with under exposed photos ( portrait/ lifestyle)
(some of these presets will need to have the exposure adjusted to your liking)

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