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I always receive lots of questions about how I edit my Instagram pictures. Truth is: most of the magic happens on Lightroom. Together with Alex I created some Lightroom presets that I use to edit my photographs. My joliejanine presets are now available for sale, so you can edit your pictures just like I do!

Editing in Lightroom

It’s crazy for me to think back to the time when I used to edit my pictures on my phone! Using Adobe Lightroom here to edit was the best decision I made because you are able to get so much more out of your pictures. I shoot in RAW (you can change the setting on your camera), which allows for much more editing than JPEG files, because it captures more “data” so you are able to edit a lot better.

The Lightroom Presets

My joliejanine preset pack is a perfect set of all-rounder presets. They enhance pictures naturally, without making them look fake or messing with the colours too much. They work perfectly for everything: fashion, travel, beach, winter and summer pictures.

The Joliejanine bundle

The preset bundle consists of 5 different presets, whereby each comes with a RAW and a JPEG version, making it a total of 10 presets. The JPEG version is simply a little less saturated so that you can use it on your JPEG images. You can, however, use all the presets on JPEG OR RAW- just play around with it!

My favourites

The Janine 1 preset is great for greens, so if you find yourself in a rice field in Bali or in a forest- this is the one!
The Janine 2 preset makes for a cool teal blue look.
The Janine 3 preset makes the blues pop and the skin nice and tanned.
The Janine 4 preset makes the blues darker and makes the skin tanned without it looking too orange.
Janine 3 and 4 also work well for snowy winter pictures!
The Janine 5 preset is perfect for beach photos.



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