Katie.One – Wine Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

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Katie.One – Wine Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Presets

If I had to describe Wine Collection with a pair of words I would say dense, juicy and tasty. It contains 5 custom presets that brighten up the images adding a touch of pink tone. This is a great collection especially for travel and lifestyle lovers – bright whites, ocean blues and the over all vivid and magical tone. The colors and toning of these presets are usually quite warm to add an extra glow to your images.

To get ALL MOBILE KATIE ONE PRESETS (Vogue, Rose Glasses, Sandy Breeze, Milk Tea, Gourmet, Bellini, Mochi, Pizza, Wine) with 60% off only for €69 instead

This user-friendly Collection is specifically designed for JPEG pictures editing on Lightroom Mobile and cannot be synced to Lightroom Desktop. In most cases, these presets are one-click magic but please remember that all presets work differently depending on the image. The Collections were tested on a vast variety of images, so they are very versatile and you can easily tweak the edit. Presets are meant to be a base to work off of, it’s normal to make adjustments after the preset is applied. Once payment is made you receive a link for an instant download via email. Since the Presets can’t be returned, the purchase is not refundable. © KATIE ONE PRESETS


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