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Meet the brand new presets – Enhanced profiles to use in Adobe Lightrom CC 1.3/2.0 and later, Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 7.3/8.0 and later, Adobe Camera RAW 10.3/11.0 and later, Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 v19.1.3/ 2019 v20.0 and later with Camera RAW plug-in.

!!! Not compatible with the older versions of Lightroom (1-7.2, like CC2015.5 and ACR below 10.3), it’s not possible to recreate the profiles as the presets, so please check the version of the software before buying. Again, you need April 2018 release (Lightroom CC v1.3, Lightroom Classic CC v7.3, ACR 10.3) or later. Sorry No Refunds.

Simulate the Lens Neutral Density and Polarizing filters, use them to develop film scans, retouch your landscapes and outdoor portraits, create the stunning effects.

Neutral Density Filters used to reduce the intensity of light by a definite ratio, without affecting the tonal rendition of colors.
polarizing filter is often placed in front of the camera lens in photography in order to darken skies, manage reflections, or suppress glare from the surface of lakes or the sea. Since reflections (and sky-light) tend to be at least partially linearly-polarized, a linear polarizer can be used to change the balance of the light in the photograph.

The list of Raztrend ND and Polarizers profiles:

  • ND 0.3 (50% Transmission), also known as ND 101, ND2
  • ND 0.6 (25% Transmission) also known as ND 102, ND4
  • ND 0.9 (12.5% Transmission) also known as ND 103, ND8
  • ND 1.2 (6.25% Transmission) also known as ND 104, ND16
  • Polarizer
  • ND Polarizer
  • Soft Polarizer
  • Warm Polarizer

In the package you will get:

  • 8 Enhanced profiles (.xmp),
  • zip archive to use in Lightroom CC 1.4/2.0+, Lightroom Classic CC 7.5, 8.0+,
  • Installing and Using Single or Multiple Enhanced profiles in LR and ACR (.pdf).

How to use:

  • Profiles are non-destructive and can be changed without loss of quality.
  • Suitable for RAW and Non-RAW (JPEG, TIFF, PNG etc.) images.
  • Suitable for Color and Monochrome images.
  • Can be viewed in the Preset Browser.
  • Easily customizable with Amount slider. You may make the finishing touches as well.
  • Compatible with Mac, and PC.
  • Easy to install.
  • Use of multiple profiles in your workflow.

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