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VSCOcam Inspired Preset Bundle (for iPhone, iPad, Android) in DNG format

File with Installation Instructions Included

Beautiful VSCOcam-Inspired Presets for Adobe Lightroom MOBILE are now available on your phone (both Apple and Android). Simply download the files, copy and paste the settings — and you’ll get amazing results in no time at all. Beautiful presets from photography students and professionals!

Included in the VSCOcam Inspired Preset Bundle:

  • 11 hand-crafted Adobe Lightroom Presets (mellow, faded, warm, VSCOcam Inspired, etc)
  • PDF with Installation Instructions
  • FREE Customer Care & Support


  1. Download all files onto your phone/tablet
  2. Import them into Lightroom CC Mobile
  3. Select and open one of the downloaded pictures
  4. Click on Settings (top right corner)
  5. Select Copy Settings
  6. Find and Open photo you want to edit in LR Library
  7. Click on Settings (top right corner)
  8. Select Paste Settings
  9. Enjoy applied preset
  10. Click on Create Preset in the Settings menu to add this preset to your LR Preset Collection



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