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Vibrant Blogger MOBILE Lightroom presets will makes your your images pop These vibrant blogger mobile presets are perfect for fashion, travel and lifestyle influencers. Those presets will add vibrance and clarity to your photos.


  • Vibrant Blogger 1
  • Vibrant Blogger 2
  • Vibrant Blogger 3

Compatible with Lightroom mobile Compatible with JPG Presets work best when applied to high quality well lit images. I often shoot with my I phone X and these work great! Make sure to adjust exposure when needed.

Disclaimer: These presets will create a great base for you to create a beautiful aesthetic, but because of difference in lighting, shooting style and camera used, results may vary. Nothing that a little bit of tweaking can\’t fix.

I\’m always happy to help you use the preset(s) to the best of your abilities so don\’t hesitate to private message me would you encounter any issue or have any questions before purchase!


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