Lisa Homsy Greece Collection Lightroom Presets

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Lisa Homsy Greece Collection Lightroom Presets

This collection includes my favourite 7 presets that I used to edit all of my Greece photos. These presets work well with blue tones, sunsets and give a very bright and fresh feel. The presets were designed for Greece but are also the same presets I used in some of my other Euro travels this summer. They can be applied to any photo to give a fresh summery look – the same look as on my instagram. Please use #lightroomxlisa when you use them so I can see the magic you create!

I try to keep the presets as close to how I edit as possible, with that being said please remember that all presets work different on every image (shot in different light, different camera, and especially different skintones etc) you will likely need to tweak the edit after the preset is applied.


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