Lisa Prang Lightroom Presets Pack

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ALL PRESETS WILL NEED ALTERING as lighting, colors, and sceneries are different in each photo as well as altering to personal preference. I usually always play around with the “Color” tab, shifting each color to make your photo magic. * I also suggest toggling with the orange color to get your correct skin tone!

Lisa Prang Lightroom Presets Pack


This preset is best made for use on raw photos taken from a DSLR camera. They will also work on any of your other .jpg photos but for optimal results, used on raw. These presets are made for Adobe Lightroom on your computer. They can also be exported to your mobile device once imported to your computer version! (I suggest following tutorials on YouTube for the computer to mobile conversion).

As always, so thankful for each and everyone of you! Thank you so much for purchasing my presets! I hope you can enjoy it and create something amazing with it!

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