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Marrakesh MOBILE Lightroom Presets

••• Mobile AND Desktop compatible •••

  • 12 Original Lightroom Presets for the MOBILE Lightroom App (dng files)
  • 13 Additional Lightroom MOBILE Preset Variations (to make sure that my presets work on most images) (dng files)
  • 25 Lightroom Presets for Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 7.5. or 7.3 and newer (xmp files)
  • 1 Installation Instruction Guide for dng files
  • 1 Installation Instruction Guide for xmp files
  • 1 short video on how to install and use the mobile presets in the Lightroom CC app


This LIGHTROOM MOBILE PRESET collection was specially created for Adobe’s FREE Lightroom CC mobile app. You don’t need a paid Lightroom subscriptions to use it. You can now easily edit your photos with mobile versions of my “Bright & Airy” presets. The MOBILE as well as DESKTOP presets are ideal for and designed to work best on jpeg formats. All before/after edits are iphone only photos.

The Marrakesh MOBILE Lightroom bundle features 25carefully crafted Lightroom presets, inspired by the warm terracotta tone and deep green hues of Morocco and Marrakesh. Most presets emphasise a warm and slightly desaturated look with strong orange, red and yellow tones while other presets are vibrant, bright and colorful to bring out the beautiful atmosphere of the souqs and markets. The presets are suitable for indoor and outdoor photography and were developed for various weather and light situations.

To add or minimize brightness to your images, simply increase or decrease the exposure.



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