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How to Install & use our Lightroom Mobile Presets

  • Save the file .DNG on you camera roll, it show up on your camera roll as blank photos, this is normal.
  • In Lightroom select the picture with preset you want to use, and then click the 3 “​ …” ​dot menu on the top right of the screen ​and select “Copy Settings” then OK. This will copy the Preset settings to be used on future images.
  • Now that you’ve got the settings copied, head on back to the main screen of Lightroom mobile, and locate the image you’d like to edit .
  • With the image selected, you’ll want to touch the “…” once more, but instead of selecting “Copy Presets”, you’ll instead want to select “Paste Settings”and OK. This should “apply” the Preset to your image.
  • If your photo doesn’t look perfect , with a few easy adjustments you will get it to look great! All the photos are often times taken in a different lighting and different time of the day, so the exposure and the temperature of the photo might be different.

Creative Market recommend that you download your purchases from a computer. If your mobile device will not be able to download let me know your email and ill send you preset immediately and you can save directly in your camera roll.

For any questions or editing help Please contact me email bee.debevec [!at]

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