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Moody presets for Lightroom 

Moody Lightroom Presets Full Collection for Professional Results. It’s perfect for Weddings, Engagements and Elopements, Portrait, Fine Art Photography, Fashion, Lifestyle, Landscape, Street Photography, Outdoor and Indoor Photoshoots and pretty much all creative photography. This Bohemian Moody Collection will help you create moody undertones, low contrast, faded effects, velvety blacks, deep contrast, rich toning, and moody film inspired toning. Fine film grain and a boost in sharpness create beautiful details. Discover beautiful details in the highlights and shadows, keep the contrast muted and add some mood to your photos.

You may use these presets to create a very moody look in your outdoor portraiture for weddings, for close up portraiture to smooth skin and enhance features, to create beautiful edits for indoor or outdoor wedding photos. This collection will give your wedding photography a unique style all your own, you can fully customize each preset in Lightroom if needed. These presets will produce consistent results.

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