PresetShop – Chrome 02 – Presets for Lightroom and ACR

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PresetShop – Chrome 02 – Presets for Lightroom and ACR

PS Chrome 02
Reminiscent of Fuji® slide film.
For Adobe Lightroom CC, Classic CC, 6, 5, or 4 & Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) for Photoshop CC or CS6, OSX & Win.

Professionally crafted looks inspired by iconic 35mm Fujichrome slide films such as Astia, Provia and Velvia.

These film inspired looks are ideal for a wide range of subjects, such as editorial, fashion, advertising, documentary, food, and landscapes photography.

PS Chrome 02 for Lightroom CC/6 and Photoshop CC/6 works inside each native applications and all editing is 100% reversible and non-destructive to your photos.

Each film look comes in 5 strengths original, high contrast (HC), high contrast (HC ),  low contrast (LC) and low contrast – (LC -) with an additional cool and warm grade for each. The low contrast (LC) versions are good for non raw processing, such as PSD’s, Tiff’s and jpg’s.

In addition, use the included incremental PS Chrome Tools to further enhance the post-processing to your liking.


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