Rebecca Lily Pro Sets I Lightroom Presets

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Rebecca Lily Pro Sets I Lightroom Presets

Painstakingly designed to be subtle yet effective on virtually every image they are applied to – from wedding photography to portrait, street, nature, landscape and fashion, both indoor and outdoor – Pro Set I provides clean, natural film-inspired colors, fantastic skin tones, and perfect light enhancement. From “California”, which draws inspiration from the bright pastels of popular wedding photography, to “Color Me Dramatic”, which creates rich cinematic color and mood, these presets are designed to give your images a finished look all on their own.

Presets from Pro Set I achieve their stunningly subtle yet effective results through the careful balance of custom camera calibration, RGB tone curves and other settings. They do not touch white balance or exposure settings, so any corrections you make to your exposure or white balance before applying the presets will not be overridden. In addition, each preset has at least 3 different versions with varying amounts of contrast and brightness, which will enable you to cohesively apply the same consistent colors to an entire session, even across multiple lighting situations.


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