Rocket Rooster – Analog Film 5 Lightroom Presets

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Rocket Rooster – Analog Film 5 Lightroom Presets

Introducing the new Analog Film 5, the 5th edition in the popular Analog Film series of Lightroom presets based on REAL 35mm Film.
The Analog Film 5 pack features 12 core film stock emulations and over 70 presets with several variations like faded films and expired film stocks.
Rocket Rooster film stock emulations are among the Finest and Most affordable in the market.

List of film stocks

Agfa Vista 400
Agfa Apx 400
Ektachrome E100VS
Ektachrome E200
Fuji Pro 200C
Ilford Ortho
Kodachrome 64
Kodak 400 TMAX
Kodak BW 400CN
Kodak TRI-X 400
Kodak TRI-X 3200 Push
Kodak Ultra Color 100UC


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