Sarah Loven – Oh So Couture LR Presets

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Sarah Loven – Oh So Couture LR Presets

These presets will give you a bright, colorful, pastel, and HDR look, to help you edit in the popular style like Leonie! They also add a “wide angle lens” effect, which can be enhanced to your preference!

These Lightroom Presets work best on sunny, contrasty, and colorful scenery photos.

Scroll down to test the Presets!

– You can NOT download the preset files directly onto your phone from the site. You must download to a computer first.
– These presets are made for editing on Lightroom DESKTOP, and the files will NOT work on mobile devices.
– These presets are developed for DSLR RAW images, and may not appear as intended on jpeg images. NOT recommended for mobile images!
– All photos are not alike, and these presets may require some tweaking after applying to your photo.
– You should have a basic understanding of Lightroom and camera settings to get the best results.
– These presets are made by and copyright Sarah Loven, and are not for resale or redistribution.


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