Shae Estella – Lovely 01 Lightroom Preset Expansion Pack

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Have you downloaded and fallen in love with The Lovely Collection 01 “The Bespoke” Preset? Well here is a expansion pack on that preset offering 25 additional presets to cover every lighting situation on a wedding day or portrait session.
Each of The Lovely Collection presets are original, unique and designed to work for wedding and portrait photographers from beginner to professional. The presets will alter your RAW files to give you a similar finish to the before/after photos presented here!

FROM THE CREATOR: This is my standard go-to preset for my work. It is easy to use and right away adds some ‘punch’ to the image whilst keeping clean skin tones. This expansion pack offers additional presets which are built off Lovely 01 Preset from The Lovely Collection for different lighting situations. This expansion pack also includes Adobe Camera Raw Presets.

As with all presets, make sure your image is in RAW format, has correct exposure, in good lighting (I recommend soft sunset light the best).**

You will receive in the pack:

  • The Lovely Collection 01 ‘Bespoke’ Preset
  • The Lovely Collection 02 ‘Luxe’ Preset
  • This pack includes the above two presets in Lightroom and additionally ALSO in Adobe Camera Raw.
  • Lovely 01 Backlight Sunset
  • Lovely 01 High Contrast
  • Lovely 01 Old Grain Style
  • Lovely 01 Pop of Colour
  • Lovely 01 Split Tone Cool
  • Lovely 01 Split tone Warm
  • Lovely 01 BONUS B&W
  • Lovely 01 BONUS B&W Faded
  • Lovely 01 Church – B&W
  • Lovely 01 Church – B&W Faded
  • Lovely 01 Church – Basic
  • Lovely 01 Church – Brighter face
  • Lovely 01 Church – High Contrast
  • Lovely 01 Getting Ready – B&W
  • Lovely 01 Getting Ready – B&W Faded
  • Lovely 01 Getting Ready – Basic
  • Lovely 01 Getting Ready – Brighter Face
  • Lovely 01 Getting Ready – Detail Shots
  • Lovely 01 Getting Ready – Window Light
  • Lovely 01 Grain – Medium
  • Lovely 01 Grain – Soft Chunky
  • Lovely 01 Night Party – B&W
  • Lovely 01 Night Party – B&W Faded
  • Lovely 01 Night Party – Basic
  • Lovely 01 Night Party – High Contrast
  • PDF Instruction Booklet with helpful tips on editing with The Lovely Collection presets
  • An invitation to the Estella Preset Community Group on facebook for support, showing off your images and tips/tricks to editing with them!



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