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The concept of Bokeh comes from a Japanese word (boke ぼけ, the word “bokeru ” ぼける, meaning “blur”), describing the phenomenon, or “feeling”, about the blurred area (out of focus). Bokeh does not mean that the distance or close of the subject is out of focus (sliding focus), which should be understood as the quality and appearance of the section outside the focus area. More specifically, creating Bokeh is an intent setting in the blurred parts of the photograph… Wikipedia and today I would share the bokeh Brush for you to use in Photoshop more easily that you do not need to spend a lot of effort to design.

Share 92 Bokeh Photoshop Brush


Direct Download  |  Mediafire Download

Brush User Guide

1. Click on the Brush Tool (shortcut is B)

2. Right click on the picture an existing selection dialog on the gear icon

3. Next select the line “Load Brushes… ” And then select the downloaded brush file with the tail *. Abr


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