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Our Lightroom presets and Photoshop Actions are carefully made to help advanced amateurs and professional photographers to achieve consistency, recognizable style and beautiful mood in their works.

As professional photographers and retouchers we have created and shaped this tools through years of our works to speed up our workflow and also to give our images creative egde.

STOCK ESSENTIALS collection is primarily intended for professional stock and commercial photographers to help them to achieve consistent eye-catching results but without compromises in image quality. So yes, this collection is made to be super clean. What that means? We gave special attention to preserving the maximum image quality which is very important in stock and commercial photography business. That’s why we have decided to exclude any changes which can decrease image quality (noise simulation, sharpening or aggressive color shifting). Also presets in this collection (except two black and white), will not change basic Tone setting which will give our users more room for further tweaks.

What is included:

  • 10 Basic presets (2 classic black and white and 8 color)
  • 18 fine tweaks which will give you plenty of different looks
  • user manual
  • before after files

Note: Files will be available for download immediately after purchase.



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