Teal and Orange Lightroom Presets

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Teal and Orange Lightroom Presets

What\’s included: 10 beautiful orange and teal Lightroom Mobile Presets 1 bonus preset included for free! This product also includes a step-by-step guide to start using your Lightroom mobile presets today!

These presets for Lightroom mobile make it easy to create a beautiful, consistent Instagram feed theme and quickly edit images for your blog. This product includes 10 easy to use preset files compatible with Adobe Lightroom mobile instructions on how to download and start using them. These customized filters are great for summer style, travel, and images that you want to make pop with vibrant aqua/teal colors and rich orange hues. Using Lightroom presets is a great way to get Instagram feed ideas and create consistently beautiful images that will inspire your followers. __

Additional information:

Each photographic scenario is unique, so once your preset are applied in Lightroom mobile, quickly make minor adjustments to get your desired look. For example, in many of these presets, the exposure has been set brighter and the orange more saturated. If the photo is too bright or too vibrant, you\’ll need to make adjustments as needed.

This collection of presets is versatile, so you\’ll notice that some adjustments look better on some photos than others. Switch through the 11 different presets to create your desired look.

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