The Blogger Collection 2 – Lightroom Presets

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The Blogger Collection 2 – Lightroom Presets

Do you want to create a trendy and consistent imagery for your blog? This collection is perfect for your goal. The Blogger Lightroom Presets collection was created with bloggers in mind. Whether you’re a fashion blogger, a food blogger or a travel influencer this collection has a lot to offer. The filters contained in “The Blogger Lightroom Presets Collection” follow the latest trends in post-production publishing and fashion. We know the goal of a blogger is to have a consistent and compact imagery so as to be recognizable by their own style. This collection contains 20 Lightroom presets that will help you develop your unique style!

The final effect may vary, depending on the individual characteristics of the original image that’s why we offer a large selection of pre-made variations to accommodate different lighting conditions.


  • 20 Premium Lightroom Presets (.lrtemplate)
  • Installation and usage instructions can be found inside the archive (PDF)


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