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Save your editing time with this really complete pack of 14 unique presets that every blogger and content creator should have ! You can use it for every season and atmosphere, from pink and gold summer colours to cold and winter vibes ! These presets were made after visiting lots of different location around the world and i am still using them today.


If you\\’re looking for those Instagramable presets, this is the perfect pack to use with Lightroom and make your photos stand out and look professional. These presets will give your images the colors they needed.

They can be applied to any image to create a unique look and are great for: Travels, vacations, aerial shots, lifestyle & landscape.

Please scroll all images provided to see what you can achieve with these presets.

Don\\’t forget to adjust the light, contrast and tweak your editing to obtain the best result on your pictures ! These are made as starting point for you to create some kickass photos.

14 Presets :

  • BALI : It will enhance your landscape and aerial shots with green and pop the colour.
  • BALI DRAMA : It will enhance the white, the contrast in your picture making it more dramatic.
  • BALI WARM : It will give your picture a more pink&goldish/instagram look alike blogger style.
  • BEACH : Make your picture looking like a paradise beach by enhancing the blue into a turquoise.
  • FOREST : Ideal for a rainy/autumnal atmosphere.
  • KELIMUTU : Pink & turquoise are the colours of your dreams .
  • OCEAN : Enhance the strength and power of waves in your aerial pictures.
  • PADAR : Pop these colours and make your landscape look WoW !
  • PUMP : Ideal for winter and foggy atmosphere.
  • SKATE : 50 shades of Blorange.
  • SUNSET LIGHHOUSE : For a purple and pinkish sunset.
  • SUNSET INDO : For a pop & vibrant colourful sunset.
  • WATERFALL : Brighter image and more vibrant colour in a tropical vibe.
  • WAVE : Orange and blue shades ideal for aerial shots.



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