Tribe Archipelago – Wayfarer Presets

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Tribe Archipelago – Wayfarer Presets

Life–the great, unknown path. Each of us wayfarers in our own right, taking one step at a time. Instinct and intuition guide us; we breath in the air, we feel the texture and turn of the landscape under foot. The wind, the world, the wayfarer all connected, shaping one another–always evolving.

This set is designed to embrace the vast, unique, sundry lands where we find ourselves. It navigates with us the ever-changing path by offering a range of beautiful tones–cool, warm, contrasty, muted. The included profiles allow each preset the possibility of a muted and delicate effect or a strong, contrasty and bold one. Suitable for the portrait and wedding photographer, the still-life and landscape artist, and every camera-wielding wayfarer in between. Developed by Liam Rimmington.


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