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190 Items VSCO Cam Inspired & Film Blogger/Product Photography Lightroom filters the emulate traditional film toning and grain. Sampled from VSCO Cam filters, and Inspired by Fuji, Agfa, Ilford, & Kodak Film

26 VSCO Cam Inspired & Film Adobe Camera Raw Filters for Photoshop

20 In The Deep Moody Photoshop Actions

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After years of using varieties of film, VSCO Cam, researching & testing I created this Lightroom VSCO Cam & Variety Films Pack. This pack is used to create the same film aesthetic as VSCO Cam, Fuji Film, Agfa Film, Ilford Film and Kodak Film. These filters let you edit your Raw images in high resolution and still achieve a stylish film aesthetic.

They combine my years of experience in Lightroom with everything I love about film and VSCO Cam. These will emulate the VSCO Cam filters as closely as possible in Lightroom for A4, A5, A6, B1, X1, B5, M5, HB1, HB2, and T1. Their are variations for each one as well. I’ve also included 12 tool presets to help you achieve the perfect filter for each image and your style. 150 total VSCOCam Inspired Lightroom Filters and 26 Adobe Camera Raw Filters for Photoshop. Perfect for the Film enthusiast, blogger, fashion photographer, food photographer or anyone wanting to achieve a VSCO Cam Inspired or Film Emulation look in their digital photography. ________________________________________________________________________________________

Included in your VSCO Cam & All Films Inspired Kit For Lightroom:

  • Warm Tones & Muted Colors Sampled From A4
  • Clean Edit & Blue Tones A5 • Clean Edit & Green Tones A6
  • Classic B&W Tones B1
  • Faded Black BW X1
  • Rich Black & High Contrast BW B5
  • Warm Tones & Moody Contrast M5
  • Clean Edit & Pastels Tones HB1
  • Gritty Texture & Pastels Tones HB2
  • Cold Tones and Faded Whites T1
  • Kodak Portra
  • Kodak Ektar
  • Kodak Gold
  • KodakT-Max
  • Kodak Elite
  • Kodak Tri-X
  • Fuji Neopan
  • Fuji Superia
  • Fuji RSX
  • Ilford Delta
  • Ilford HP5
  • Ilford Pan
  • Agfa Optima
  • Agfa Ultra
  • 6 /- Filters to help you customize each Filter
  • 12 Tool Presets for Grain, Fade, Contrast, White Balance, & Reseting
  • 26 Adobe Camera Raw Filter for Photoshop
  • Instructions & Usage Included
  • 24 hour support and customer care


Included in your In The Deep Kit: 8 Moody Toned PS Actions:

• Warm Depth • Cool Depth • Highlight Play • Editorial Matte • Rich BW • Toned • Soft Gold • Fashion Tones• 7 Adjustment Actions: • More Contrast • Lower Contrast • Increase Saturation • Decrease Saturation • Add Depth • Darken Highlights • Lighten Shadows 5 Finishing Actions: • Soften • Fade • Film Grain Mild • Film Grain • Film Grain • Instructions & Usage Included • 24 hour support and customer care


Instant Download, For use in Lightroom only CS3-CC Version Contact me with any questions or if you need any help.



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