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Wedding Bundle Lightroom Presets 2225202

This a special edition for Wedding and Love Story Photographers! The Pack contains 330 professional Artistic Lightroom presets, high-quality effects which help your images look better and professional.

Create unique, vibrant and memorable photos with one click!

This Pack makes life of Wedding Photograзhers easier and save them a lot of time also editing becomes a pleasant process! Focusing only on important that is what This Pack gives you!

What does it give you?

  • You can create popular styles of 2017 – 2018 and easily adjust settings and effects with just one click. All presets designed in a way you can simply make adjustments for a specific image and even create your own style based on it!

There are some examples where presets are applied!

Features YOU GET:

    • Smart adjustments and professional results
    • Includes simple help file, with a few tips.
    • Enhance your images with just one click!
    • Unique Presets
    • Moody Presets
    • Wedding Presets
    • Portrait Presets
    • Color-Pop Presets
    • Warm Wedding Presets
    • Cold Wedding Presets
    • Matte effect
    • Pastel effect
    • My custom styles
    • and much more


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