Wildhearts Lightroom & ACR Presets Pack

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Wildhearts LR Pack

The Wilhearts Lightroom Presets contained in this package can be used on a wide range of images whenever a folksy, contemporary and stylish look is required. They are best used for people shots!
Package contains 9 Color and 2 Black&White presets.
Wildhearts Presets has been specifically crafted to deliver the most pleasing roll-off into highlights and shadows while maintaining details in mid-tones. These presets will take the ordinary picture and transform it into a thing of a beauty.

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Yeah.. let’s see them in action
Wildhearts O1
Wildhearts O2
Wildhearts O3
Wildhearts O4
Wildhearts O5
Wildhearts O6
Wildhearts O7
Wildhearts O8
Wildhearts O9
Wildhearts BW O1


9 Color Presets for Lightroom and Camera Raw
2 Black and White Preset’s forLightroom and Camera Raw
Lens Correction (On and Off)
PDF guide with FAQ and tips


Adobe Lightroom 4 or higher
Adobe Camera Raw
RAW files supported, not for JPEGs
Please read FAQ for details

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